Deniz Keskin
"Lexdan Automotive is empowered to offer you better than expected savings throughout the twenty three years of experience in Vehicle Sales and Management.Our Company is listed with Better Business Bureau as a Accredited business with A rating.We are celebrating our nineth year in operation of preowned vehicle retail sales at the current location.We are a independent dealership,operating in smaller scale yet,following the same philosophy and process in reconditioning,inspection,servicing and warranty of the vehicles as franchise dealerships.Often times,We purchase our vehicles at the same locations where the franchise dealerships purchase their preowned vehicles. All vehicles are inspected and serviced by A.S.E certified Technician. All vehicles on this website qualify Carfax Certification and for CarFax Buy Back Guarantee.(Purchaser's Email address is required for registration purposes).Ask Dealer for details. We strive to offer you the quality you deserve and the value you expect. Our valued customers from as far north as Quebec,Canada and as far south as San Diego,California have experienced the savings on their purchases. We look forward to meet your expectations and servicing your automobile needs as well."

Deniz Keskin
Lexdan Automotive of Maplewood
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